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The execution of the accounting process includes:

– Record of operations.

– Bank reconciliation.

– Account analysis.

– Profitability reports.

– Preparation of accounting, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reports.

– Monthly tax return (VAT).

– Annual declaration of income tax for the company and the partners.

– Preparation of new tax records:

– RAI: Income subject to the Complementary Global Tax or Additional Tax.

– REX: Income exempt from the Complementary Global Tax or Additional Tax, income not constituting income and those income with its taxation fulfilled.

– SAC: The credits referred to in articles 56 No. 3 and No. 63 of the Income Tax Law.

– STUT: The total balance of income pending Taxation with final taxes as of 12/31/2016.

– Start of activities and obtaining tax id (RUT).

– Process and reduction of investments for annual patent calculation.

– Payroll process and social laws.

– Tax capital declaration.