Check here the requirements and characteristics of the loan with real interest of 0%, which can be requested through the SII website, between the 8th and the 31st of each month.

It is still time to request the State Solidarity Loan for the month of October, a benefit focused on providing support to those who have suffered a drop in their income as a result of the pandemic, thus helping to reactivate the economy. It is an aid designed for the middle class, which makes it possible to cover up to 70% of the decrease in income, with a ceiling of $ 650 thousand per month.

What are the conditions to access this benefit?

– Those who request it must have a monthly average of salaries over $ 400,000 during the year 2019. – Have received a decrease of at least 30% in their income. – It can be requested by dependent, independent workers and individual companies.

What are the characteristics of the loan?

– Soft credit with a real interest rate of 0%. – It allows covering up to 70% of the decrease in income, with a ceiling of $ 650,000 per month. – It can be requested up to three times a month, between June and December 2020. – One year of grace to start paying. The amount will be reimbursed in four annual installments, adjustable according to the variation of the CPI, in the Income declaration, starting in 2022. – Each installment may not exceed 5% of the income declared in the Income Operation. If a balance is still maintained when paying the fourth installment, the debt will be forgiven.

How to apply for the loan?

All you have to do is go to and access the section “State Solidarity Loan”. You then have to choose between the categories “dependent worker / sole proprietor” or “independent worker”. There it is possible to check if you meet the requirements – for which you must enter RUT and unique password – and follow the steps to request the benefit, which will be credited to your bank account.