We have progressively opened our workplace for employees and clients who prefer to meet again, keeping teleworking and tele-meetings as an alternative.

After developing protocols for the safe return, our management team consulted the collaborators for their interest in reusing the workspaces in person.

“We were positively surprised to see that many of them wanted to meet again and go back to work in the office, at least a couple of days a week. It has been a very good experience, based on organization and monitoring of the measures we have established for everyone’s safety “, says Lorgia Guillén, deputy manager of administration and finances at Jullian Consultores.

Although teleworking remains a possibility for the vast majority of people, shifts have been organized to balance it with face-to-face work days, trying to maintain a partial occupation of physical spaces and thus respect social distancing. “I believe that face-to-face meetings are important, as they allow us to live and reinforce the culture of the company. In addition, ideas arise and ties are strengthened, in a different way to what happens in remote work “, adds Alejandra Villarroel, partner and director of Jullian Consultores.

Although the workers have valued being able to maintain the telework days, many of them affirm that they are happy to leave their homes and have a physical space dedicated 100% to work, with greater ease of concentration and with the possibility of returning to work. see your peers. “I have felt quite well, I consider that the return in my case has been safe, calm and comfortable,” says Karina Cortés. “It seems to me that the measures adopted for the return are the correct ones, but we must bear in mind that avoiding infections is a shared responsibility and that we must all make an effort in personal care,” he concludes.

Among the measures adopted, it was established that employees will only be able to travel to and from the office during off-peak hours (entry at 10:00 am and exit at 5:00 pm); work stations with more than one meter distance were designated, based on the shifts chosen; bathrooms were designated for each person; daily disinfection of workspaces and delivery of specific personal protection elements for the prevention of contagion of COVID-19 (two pairs of masks and gloves for leaving home and leaving the office).

We thank our team for the collaboration we have seen to respect prevention protocols and we invite our clients to visit us again, with the peace of mind that we are prepared to receive them, minimizing the risk of contagion. We will continue to take care of each other!